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Write-Offs: 06.07.13

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$$$Icahn, Southeastern prepare Dell CEO shortlist [Reuters]

$$$U.S. government shutdown battle looms as budget woes fester [Reuters]

$$$Kid Rock Plans to Change The Economics of Touring [WSJ]

$$$Sweden's Princess Prepares to Wed American Banker [CNBC]

$$$ The Belmont Stakes, which takes place Saturday, is the longest and most-difficult leg of the Triple Crown. Often referred to as the "Test of Champions," it requires its competitors to cover a full 1 ½ miles at top speed, often in the muggy heat. But for all the guts and fortitude this race demands, there's only one trait its winner is guaranteed to possess: It will be a horse. Horses have won the Belmont Stakes a record 144 consecutive times. And with 14 horses in Saturday's field, there's no reason to believe this year will be any different. But what if it was? What if the horse-racing industry dispensed with its long-standing equine bias? According to several of the nation's top zoologists and experts in animal physiology, very few land animals ever have reason to run 1 ½ miles. But even these experts concede that there's no reason they couldn't if they wanted to. So with a heavy assist from science, here's how one might handicap a Belmont Stakes that was open to select members of the animal kingdom. [WSJ]

$$$Rengan Rajaratnam Cuts Own Path in Plea Talks [Dealbook]

$$$Steinbrenner Beats IRS in Refund Suit [Bloomberg]

$$$A Nebraska woman faces charges after she bares it all at a Lincoln Catholic high school. Valerie Dodds, known online as Val Midwest, was cited on suspicion of public nudity after posing outside a Lincoln Catholic school in mid-May. When Valerie Dodds graduated Lincoln East High School, after transferring from St. Pius X High School during her senior year, she took a different path. “It looked like something that I just kind of wanted to try, I guess,” Dodds said. For fun, the 19-year-old started a nude photo business several months ago, but said her classmates did not like it. “That's when all of the Pius kids were saying mean things and that's when I decided to go there and show them that I'm here to stay,” she said. [KETV]


Write-Offs: 09.17.12

$$$ Arrests Near Stock Exchange Top 100 on Occupy Wall St. Anniversary [NYT] $$$ Pandit’s Censured Bonus Unhurt by Smith Barney Writedown [Bloomberg] $$$ America’s Fourth-Richest Woman Unveiled With Koch Stake [Bloomberg] $$$ The incidence of the corporate tax is progressive [WonkBlog] $$$ Apple sells 2 million new phones, sets early order record [Reuters] $$$ B-School Applicants Decline for Four Years [WSJ] $$$ "One sophomore, granted anonymity by The Crimson because she was afraid to be associated with a party that had been interrupted by police ... [said] 'Everyone at Harvard is very career-minded. No one likes the cops.'" [Crimson] $$$ A mid-sized global investment bank is looking for a senior quant developer for its FICC trading desk in New York [DBCC] $$$ "One could easily conclude that [corporate bond] ETFs are ending up with the inventory that dealers can’t manage themselves. Which makes perfect sense if you consider that ETFs are a great place for dealers to park inventory on a funded and risk-recycled basis." [FTAV] $$$ Euro crisis tests limits of "French exception" [Reuters] $$$ Schulze still trying to line up Best Buy bid funding [NYP] $$$ A federal court ruled that a fraternity is not a monastery for zoning purposes [VC] $$$ "A Wal-Mart cashier and manager tore up two $100 bills and held a customer for hours until police came and told the store the cash was legitimate, the furious customer claims in court." [CNS]

Write-Offs: 3.9.16

Block calls U.S. stocks rally 'dead cat bounce'; Strategist says Trump is a wild card for the markets; Naked Female Motorist Leads New Mexico Cops On 100 MPH Chase, Says She Was Too Hot For Clothes; and more.

Write-Offs: 10.03.12

$$$ The Einhorn burrito taste test [Felix Salmon] $$$ Mortgage prepayment rates highest since 2005 [CR] $$$ Do you think Harvard Business School will ever again send less than 30% of its graduates to the financial industry? [NetNet / John Carney] $$$ "What’s America’s FICO score? One analyst tries to find out" for some reason [MW] $$$ Chelsea Clinton loved working at her parents' friend's hedge fund because it was "fiercely meritocratic," but left because money "wasn’t the metric I wanted to judge my life by in a professional sense." [Bloomberg] $$$ SQUIRREL HATS [Onward State] $$$ A large global corporate and investment bank is looking for a credit analyst in New York [DBCC] $$$ EU Banks Face Tougher Capital Requirements [WSJ] $$$ Grassley Turning Up Heat on Geithner Over LIBOR Scandal [FBN] $$$ Report: Wall Street is pricing in a 2012 Democratic victory [WonkBlog] $$$ The Glory Days of Currency Trading Are Over: HSBC [CNBC] $$$ Police seize 660 barrels of syrup possibly linked to Quebec maple heist [Globe & Mail]