Write-Offs: 06.18.13


$$$Rigged-Benchmark Probes Proliferate From Singapore to UK [Bloomberg]

$$$ Bill Ackman attacked a recent survey that Herbalife says refutes allegations that it is a pyramid scheme and reiterated his call for an investigation of the company. Ackman’s Pershing Square hedge fund said that the Nielsen survey funded by the company relied on responses from only 349 individuals to conclude that 7.9 million Americans have bought Herbalife’s products in the past three months. While Herbalife has “incurred substantial expense in commissioning surveys,” the company “refuses to release actual sales data,” Pershing said in a statement. “If Herbalife is a legitimate consumer products company, it should be tracking sales data as closely as possible,” the statement continued. [NYP]

$$$Fox commentator paid $50,000 to tout stock, has contract terminated following disclosure [MarketWatch]

$$$Chiasson, Newman to Remain Free During Appeal, Court Says [Bloomberg]

$$$Niall Ferguson: Paris Could Burn This Summer [CNBC]

$$$Redesigned 'MySpace for Millionaires' Promises 'No Fakes or Frauds' [Gawker]

$$$For Some Areas, the Fed Taper Already Has Begun [CNBC]

$$$Do Successful People Need Sleep? [WSJ]

$$$A Florida man was beaten, robbed, forced to strip naked and abandoned on the side of a road Friday evening during a first date gone horribly wrong, according to police. [TC]


Write-Offs: 12.10.15

Economists convinced on rate hike; Warren Buffett of China is missing; "Naked man who carjacked a Federal Express delivery truck--but then fled the vehicle when he could not figure out how to drive it--has been arrested"; and more.