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Write-Offs: 06.27.13

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$$$Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein said Thursday the markets' big selloff was an overreaction to news the Federal Reserve may slow its bond purchases later this year. "The market understood, but the market overreacted," Blankfein told CNBC's Maria Bartiromo on "Closing Bell," adding Fed Chief Ben Bernanke made clear in his comments last week that the program could start winding down toward the end of 2013, but only if labor-market conditions greatly improve. "The market, of course, took this as 'Oh, my God. It's the first moment and it was going to be an avalanche.' And of course, that doesn't necessarily have to be the case." [CNBC]

$$$Bank of America rejects AIG bid to reopen $8.5 billion mortgage accord [Reuters]

$$$ "One Saturday evening last fall, some 180 Goldman Sachs employees assembled at a dock along the East River of Manhattan, divided into 20 teams. Standing on a platform overlooking the crowd was Mat Laibowitz, an impresario-mad-scientist-type dressed in a red t-shirt printed with the words Game Master. Laibowitz handed each team captain a white, semi-opaque plastic cube the size of a tissue box and a blue plastic bag containing the following items: a sealed pack of Wacky-Packages-brand bubble gum cards, a glossy foldout with the heading “Seating chart for Kevin Bacon’s wedding,” a slip of paper with a three-stanza poem, and a note that read: Welcome. There are only two rules to Midnight Madness. 1. Do not tamper with the clues. 2. No private motorized transportation." [Quartz]

$$$Leon Cooperman Delivers the Alpha [II]

$$$Emergency dispatchers say a northwestern Pennsylvania man reported being robbed at knifepoint by two men who took only a condom from the victim. [AP]

$$$SEC, ex-Goldman VP Tourre battle over key fraud trial witness [Reuters]

$$$Witch Hunt Burning Turkish Bonds as Erdogan Lashes at Koc [Bloomberg]

$$$Two-headed turtle born at San Antonio Zoo [SA]


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Ex-Goldman banker acquitted in rape case; Ex-UBS banker working with drones; Ex-Fed Chairman will limit himself to 2 hedge fund consulting gigs (plus blogging job); "Trooper In Trouble For Snoop Dogg Photo Sues Bosses"; and more.

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$$$ Goldman to Stagger Managing Director Class Starting After 2013 [Deal Journal] $$$ "Hedge fund billionaire John Paulson's Gold Fund tumbled 18 percent last month when gold and gold mining stocks slid further ..." [Reuters] $$$ Dow Average Rises to Record as Jobless Claims Decline [Bloomberg] $$$ ECB sticks to its monetary guns [FT] $$$ Facebook Unveils Sweeping Changes to News Feed [WSJ] $$$ Columbia students have been stealing Nutella [NYT] $$$ A company is looking for a portfolio manager to join a commercial real estate team in New York [DBCC] $$$ For mortgage masters, 2013 is a bond-picker's market [Reuters] $$$ Inconsistent Risk Assessment by Banks Isn't That Bad [NetNet / John Carney] $$$ Want a Secure Retirement? Move to Slovenia [NBC] $$$ "The US Government must have stolen half of a glass of water." Take The Zero-Hedge Test [Cassandra Does Tokyo] $$$ Person laughs at own joke [BI]