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Write-Offs: 06.28.13

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$$$Three Arrested In Vatican Bank Probe [WSJ]

$$$More Fed Speakers Aim to Calm Markets [CNBC]

$$$Bitcoin Exchange Makes Apparent Move to Play by U.S. Money-Laundering Rules [WSJ]

$$$ Rick Harrison, co-owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and a co-star of the History Channel reality series "Pawn Stars," told CNBC on Friday that over-regulation is creating a bad business environment and that a policy change is needed before anything can get better. Harrison also said the current economy is being fueled by cheap money. "Basically, you have the government regulating and making business more difficult, and you have the Fed trying to compensate for it. It can't go on forever that way," he added. "If we keep on printing forever, things will get bad. It's just a matter of math," he told "Squawk on the Street." [CNBC]

$$$Alec Baldwin Melts Down on Twitter, Threatens to "F*ck Up" Reporter [Gawker]

$$$Gold Tarnished In Rough Quarter [WSJ]

$$$Corzine Defense to Misuse of Customer Cash Is Off Point [Bloomberg]

$$$ "At approximately 3:05 this morning, a vehicle was westbound on Wilson Boulevard, failed to negotiate a curve, ran off the road, knocked over a mailbox and some trees, ended up hitting a house," said Detective J.C. Hurst, of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. The driver was ejected and ended up on the couch in the living room, upside down. He was transported to UF Health Jacksonville with non-life-threatening injuries. [News4]


Write-Offs: 12.17.15

Rate rise risks; Silicon Valley cash drying up; "Now What Happens to Shkreli's Wu-Tang Record?"; and more.

Write-Offs: 07.13.12

$$$ U.S. investigates whether JPMorgan traders hid losses [Reuters] $$$ Was JPMorgan's restatement actually an elaborate plot to get Ina Drew's comp clawed back? No? [Felix Salmon] $$$ Fed May Need To Begin New Asset Purchases, Lockhart Says [Bloomberg] $$$ Ex-Mets star Dykstra pleads guilty in bankruptcy fraud case [NYP] $$$ "You have to sit there in silence, and you just get up every day and beat your head against the wall," but for that (and ratting out Countrywide) they'll pay you $14.5 million [Reuters] $$$ Q&A: The Gourmand Behind New York's $666 'Douche Burger' [BW] $$$ Deutsche Bank is looking for a VP-level Group Finance COO business manager [DBCC] $$$ Spanish Bank Borrowing from ECB Surges [WSJ] $$$ Italy sells debt despite downgrade [FT] $$$ Visa, MasterCard in $6 Billion Settlement Over Surcharges [WSJ] $$$ Wealthy Homeowners Brace for 'Mansion Cliff' [CNBC!] $$$ Attention Cable and Satellite Subscribers: This Network Is Being Dropped Because Your Provider Is Being a Giant Douche [McSweeney's]

Write-Offs: 08.23.12

$$$ Gawker acquires semi-public audited financials of Bain Capital funds, orgasms all over them [Gawker, related] $$$ Bain Capital's conversion of management fees into carry may have been tax aggressive [Victor Fleischer] $$$ Republicans eye return to gold standard [FT] $$$ New York Fed Sells Last of AIG Bonds, at a Profit [WSJ] $$$ "Hedge Funds, Grimacing, Open the Kimono" [Bloomberg] $$$ BlackRock would like to hire a securities lending accounting associate in San Francisco, if that's your cup of tea [DBCC] $$$ The Downsizing of the American Butler [CNBC] $$$ What's up with Best Buy? [DealBook] $$$ Citi passed its make-up stress test [Reuters] $$$ Seven-Year-Old Wins Iceland Ram Groping Contest [Iceland Review via MR]

Write-Offs: 12.16.15

FED; FED; FED; FED; You Can Worship 'Star Wars' At This Movie-Themed Church Service; and more.