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Bank Reform Bitch/ Ethical Fiscal Fairy/ Spandex-Clad Roller Girl/ Better Banking Butterfly Weighs In On Derivatives

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BRB aka EFF aka SP-RG, pictured above as her latest persona, the BBB, outside of Chuck Schumer's office on Friday.

Her dispatch to DB: "Here I am in front of Senator Schumer's offices Friday morning to protest his whining to Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew to scrap CFTC rules that would regulate cross border derivatives since he (and several other senators claim) the megabanks would get "confused." (those poor sad banks!) And unfortunately, all that whining worked. Now Gary Gensler bowed to pressure from Lew and European Officials to negotiate a compromise within the rules. All this political maneuvering to save TBTF bank profit is making me sick! What is this frustrated butterfly supposed to do -- whose ass do I need to kick -- because I'M READY !!!"

If anyone has any ideas, do share. In the meantime:

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