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Bill Ackman Won't Cover His Herbalife Short Because He's Fights Like A Spartan, Or Something, Says Adversary

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Bob Chapman has theories.

Bill Ackman is risking his investors' money on a "vendetta" with his $1 billion short position in Herbalife, Robert Chapman of Chapman Capital said Wednesday on CNBC. "I am confident that as long as Pershing Square's investors allow Bill Ackman to spend millions of dollars of their money on his personal vendetta, that that guy will never walk into a trading room and voluntarily hand someone a 'buy' order in Herbalife," he said. "I truly believe he's a guy who probably has a poster from the movie '300' hanging over his bed." On "Fast Money," Chapman said that he didn't expect Ackman to cover his short position. "He's not trained in the fine art of surrender, and when he's putting his investors' financial lives at risk, I think he's just going to keep going forward," Chapman added.



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