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Germany's Money-Sniffing Dogs Will Find Your Smuggled Cash Before You've Switched Your Phone Out Of Airplane Mode, Are The Porsches To Your '79 Pinto That Shakes At Speeds Above 20 MPH, Says German Official

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Thinking of smuggling in excess of 10,000 Euros through Frankfurt Airport? Thinking to yourself, "This'll be a piece of cake. I smuggle money through airports all the time and customs officials from London to Lisbon, from Moscow to Madrid are none the wiser"? Thinking, "Bitch, I moved 500,000 Euros through Rhein-Main-Flughafen via my pant in '06, this time won't be any different"? Well think again! You might've gotten away with it in Deutschland in the past, and you might still be getting away with it in more loosey goosey places now, but you even entertain the thought of testing your luck in Frankfurt on your next trip and you'll have the 911 of canines to answer to.

The airport in Frankfurt, the country’s financial capital, has a trio of German shepherd dogs to help trace large sums of cash brought into the country. In 2012, seven offenders were caught on average each day, and 28 apprehensions were made specifically using dogs. By June of this year, the canine patrol had nabbed 20 offenders, the customs office said...The dogs specialize in detecting euro and dollar notes. Animals are typically purchased at the age of one, undergo health checks and then receive an 18-month training routine. Robustness, size, life expectancy and temper determine which breeds are suitable, said Uwe Wittenberg, who heads the dog squad at Frankfurt airport...In Frankfurt, sniffer dogs need no more than 15 minutes to check about 300 pieces of luggage, a typical airplane load, for smuggled goods. The animals then take a 30-minute break to recover, and can check out as many as 8 jets during a shift.

And in case you were wondering, members of the dog squad would make mincemeat of your civilian little pup if it came down to some kind of a drag race, which it might.

“Your dog at home that can do some tricks is equivalent to a bicycle, while our dog is a Porsche,” said Marc Behre, a spokesman for the Bremen customs office, which also has a shepherd dog trained for cash. “We use only the best.”

Porsche Dogs Sniff Out Money Coming Home to Germany [Bloomberg]


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