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Maria Bartiromo And Charles Barkley Discuss Investing, Dealing With The Freeloaders In Your Life

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Maria Bartiromo: We've talked a little bit in the past about you following CNBC, following your investments. Do you have money in this market? Charles Barkley: I do have money in this market. The key when you have money, and I'm not bragging, I am just blessed to have money, you only probably want to risk 20-25% of it. 70% you want to just put in safe stuff. You know 70% of professional athletes go broke. MB: I know, that is amazing. I feel like the more money you have, the more at risk you are to lose it. CB: No, the more freeloaders you have, actually. You just have to learn to tell your family and friends 'no.' Once you start giving people money, they never stop. You become an enabler. Once you start giving people money, they never stop. It is not like you say, 'Here, let me give you money,' but they keep coming back. You have to learn the magic word, 'No.' 'I am not giving you any money.' [CNBC]