SAC Capital Did Pretty Okay For Itself Last Month

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So that's something.

SAC Capital Advisors LP put up solid performance in June, a month that confounded many hedge funds amid uncertainty over the impact of Federal Reserve policy, and wild rides in stock and bond markets. SAC’s biggest fund, called SAC Capital International Ltd., was up 1.5% in June, bringing its 2013 gain to about 7.7%, according to figures provided by SAC to hedge-fund investors. The smaller onshore version of the fund, called SAC Capital Management, was up 1.6% last month, bringing its 2013 gain to 8.2%, SAC figures show...The strong returns at SAC came as hedge funds broadly slipped in June—many were down 1% to 2% for the month, according to investors—and as SAC itself hunkered down.



Steve Cohen Did Pretty Well For Himself Last Year

The end of 2012 might've been a tough one for the SAC Capital founder, what with the matter of a former employee being accused of orchestrating “the most lucrative insider trading scheme ever," being referenced in the complaint as Portfolio Manager A, and ultimately being forced to show the softer side of Steve but the Big Guy still managed to take home $1.3 billion, so he's got that going for him.