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SAC Capital Employees Appear To Be Standing By Their Man

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That, or they don't need headhunters to help them get jobs. Or they're all planning to go to grad school. Or they're circulating their C.V.'s with the most recent employer listed as "Stephan Albert Conan Capital Advisors." Or they're going after door security and bar tending gigs at Beamers. Or 990 of them are biding their time until they can pick up and move the operation across the street to 73 Cummings Point Road and call it TAC Capital.

For now, Wall Street appears to be shrugging at news reports that federal prosecutors are getting closer to filing criminal charges against SAC Capital. Wall Street firms are continuing to trade with the fund as usual, according to several market sources. A headhunter said in the past several weeks she had gotten more resumes from employees of SAC Capital, but "not a flood" of resumes.

Or they took an oath on their first day at the firm, to stick with the Big Guy in good times and bad, in choppy waters and in calm seas, through sickness and health, 'til death parted them and god damn it, THEY MEANT IT.

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