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Write-Offs: 07.30.13

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$$$Summers at Fed Prompts Questions From Concerned Senators [Bloomberg]

$$$Pay for Barclays’ investment bankers is plummeting versus top US banks [eFinancial]

$$$Blackstone, Deutsche Bank in Talks to Sell Bond Backed by Home Rentals [WSJ]

$$$ On a scorching summer day in lower Manhattan, a group of visitors from places like Belgium, Turkey and the U.S. eyed an unusual tourist attraction: a collateralized debt obligation. This intimate encounter with some confusing but important financial wizardry was part of the walking tour of the 2008 global crisis. It cost the tourists $50 in nonsynthetic cash. "Where else in the world can you actually touch a toxic asset?" asked Andrew Luan, former Deutsche Bank AG trader and founder of "The Wall Street Experience" tour company. [WSJ]

$$$The Best Story About Anthony Weiner You’ll Ever Hear That Doesn’t Involve Penises [Daily Intel]

$$$UBS Profit Rose 32% in Second Quarter [Dealbook]

$$$Banker Forks Over Big Dough for Perfect Pig [Modern Farmer]

$$$NY Daily News: Most so-called experts think you can't rebound from this latest round of sexting headlines. Do you? Anthony Weiner: I do. NYDN: Why? AW: Because I have a sense I'm different than the other people running. I'm running a different type of campaign. I believe at that end of the day New Yorkers want to make this decision for themselves. They are more interested in ideas that affect their lives than my private life. NYDN: There is no one you are sexting now? AW: You can quibble about beginnings, middles and ends but what we're talking about is over a year ago. [NYDN]


Write-Offs: 5.21.15

Guy loses $15 billion; IMF thinks things are looking up for Russian economy; Deutsche Bank heads feel serious hate; "Man Strips Naked in Protest After Being Bumped From Jamaica-Bound Flight"; and more.

Write-Offs: 5.24.16

Chart alleges ENORMOUS pay for traders at Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Herbalife reaches preliminary settlement with FTC; Casey Anthony allegedly paid her lawyer with sex; and more.