WSJ: Here's What Someone Who Has Absolutely No Connection To SAC Other Than The Fact That Her Dog Shits On Their Lawn Has To Say


STAMFORD, Conn.-- As federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against SAC Capital, it appeared to be business as usual outside the firm’s headquarters at a suburban office park about an hour northeast of New York City by train...Grace DeVito and her daughter Gaea were walking their dog Ivy and Maggie, a four-month-old German shepherd past SAC, as they do most mornings. DeVito, a 48-year-old portrait artist wearing a straw hat, said it appeared there were more security guards outside SAC than usual...“It’s usually quiet here except for the 8-to-9 and 4-to-6 traffic,” said DeVito, who said she lives nearby and wasn’t aware of the criminal indictment. “It’s a great place to walk around,” DeVito said, adding that she thinks SAC must have a nice cafeteria inside their headquarters, as she can smell good food wafting as she walks by in the morning. [WSJ]