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WSJ: Here's What Someone Who Has Absolutely No Connection To SAC Other Than The Fact That Her Dog Shits On Their Lawn Has To Say

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STAMFORD, Conn.-- As federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against SAC Capital, it appeared to be business as usual outside the firm’s headquarters at a suburban office park about an hour northeast of New York City by train...Grace DeVito and her daughter Gaea were walking their dog Ivy and Maggie, a four-month-old German shepherd past SAC, as they do most mornings. DeVito, a 48-year-old portrait artist wearing a straw hat, said it appeared there were more security guards outside SAC than usual...“It’s usually quiet here except for the 8-to-9 and 4-to-6 traffic,” said DeVito, who said she lives nearby and wasn’t aware of the criminal indictment. “It’s a great place to walk around,” DeVito said, adding that she thinks SAC must have a nice cafeteria inside their headquarters, as she can smell good food wafting as she walks by in the morning. [WSJ]


Has Steve Cohen Started Wearing A Ping Jiang Mask While Walking The SAC Trading Floor, White Board Marker In Hand?

Unclear but, based on recent reports, very possible. If you can come up with another idea re: how the "intimidating Cohen has become even more intimidating" in the wake of MartomaGate, we're all ears.