Charlie Gasparino: Gary Cohn Sick Of Watching Lloyd Blankfein Appear On A-1 Of The WSJ, While He's Relegated To A Sidebar On Page 12 Of This Month's Cat Fancy


It's just not fair!

“Gary Cohn is number two and he wants to be number one...he’s teed off that Blankfein got all this publicity following his gay rights crusade. Remember Blankfein did something very unusual for a Wall Street CEO. He came out very heavily in favor of gay rights and got lots of publicity, now Cohn is essentially asking for publicity - he’s demanding media attention, more interviews with friendly reporters. It’s kind of an interesting battle inside this place because it says something about succession. Gary Cohn wants to be number one. How do you be number one? You got to get in front of people. Who is he going to get in front of – like I said he isn’t coming in front of me, he’s going in front of friendly reporters.”