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Europeans Embrace Dark Pools While They Can

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The menacespreads.

European share trading taking place in anonymous, off-exchange venues known as "dark pools" reached its highest-ever level in July, amid lower volatility and a growing proliferation of high-frequency trading on the platforms.

About 10.3% of all European equities trading last month took place on these venues, according to data from Thomson Reuters. It is the first time the proportion of activity executed in dark pools has breached double figures, and exceeds the previous high of 9.1% in January….

European regulators are attempting to curb dark pool trading as part of new rules in the second version of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

The rules, which are being debated among European regulators, could limit the proportion of stock trading done on some types of dark MTFs and could also place restrictions on broker-run dark pools.

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