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Fired FINRA Employee Was Nothing If Not Persistent

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She reapplied for her jobs (and a couple others where the regulator had openings) 574 times, sent the object of her affection LinkedIn requests, love letters, coffee mugs, and golf balls, and sent the object of her scorn a bunch of menacing messages about looking both ways before crossing, as well as unsolicited gay and straight porno mags.

In the year and a half since the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority fired examiner Ling Chan, of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, she applied 574 times for 82 positions at the authority, using at least 150 aliases from 11 e-mail accounts, the firm says in court papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. Chan allegedly targeted HR manager John Braut, signing him up “for various unwanted magazine subscriptions, some of which were pornographic in nature, as well as for gay porn sites,” the suit says. She is being blamed for posting threats about him on sites including Craigslist, and Twitter. “I want to smash your ugly mug with my fist. Burn in HELL douchebag,” read one post. “Be careful on your way home a******!!!!!” Chan allegedly posted. “I would love the opportunity to push you in front of a taxi or bus. Bye Bye john braut.”

Yesterday, Judge Debra James issued a temporary restraining order against Chan, barring her from applying at FINRA, filing any more ethics complaints or accessing its computers...Chan went unhinged, the suit says, after co-worker Dan Small rebuffed her advances in December 2011 at FINRA’s Broad Street offices. She sent him romantic e-mails, made Facebook and LinkedIn contact requests and bought him cards, an initialed coffee mug and golf balls, the suit says. He refused them all. On Valentine’s Day 2012, Chan asked him Small for a “coffee date” — five times, the suit says. “Although Small repeatedly made it clear that he was not interested in Chan romantically and that her amorous advances should stop, they did not,” the suit says. When an HR rep told Chan to back off, she asked the rep to forward a love letter to Small, the suit says. Eight days later, Chan was fired — but she wrote Small another love letter apologizing, the suit says.

Wall Street worker fired for sexual harassment reapplies 524 times, allegedly targeted HR manager by signing him up for porn mags, threatened to shove him in front of taxi [NYP]


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