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House of BODS Is Going Public

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House of BODS is a dance studio in Central Florida. Since opening in 2007, it's said to have gained thousands of clients who attend classes that incorporate "flirty, fun, and sexy moves that keep them wanting more." Its mantra is "anything is possible if you believe baby" and what the brass at BODS believes, baby, is that this company has the potential to be huge. But right now, it's small. HOBs has just one location, and last quarter its revenue was $5,517. How can BODs achieve a transformation akin to those of clients who started out tubby, out of shape, and unable to do a single high kick and in time "sweated themselves sexy"? Two words: DVD, infomercial.

BODS feels extremely confident that its key to success is the production of a fitness DVD, that will be sold via infomercial. From there, sky's the limit. But making and shooting DVDs costs money and money is something BODs doesn't have right now. That's why the team has decided to do an initial public offering, sans underwriters, and raise the money from you, the people.


The details:

  • House of BODS is offering "up to 26,040,000 shares of common stock"
  • Its auditor has "raised substantial doubt about [its] ability to continue as a going concern"
  • Some of its officers and directors are not focused on the biz full-time, "which may result in conflicts of interest in allocating their time between [BODs'] operations and other businesses"
  • It's really putting all its eggs in one basket with this DVD
  • There are a lot of risks in doing that, which include that fact that: 1) people may not "embrace the DVD" 2) there could be "shipment delays" 3) competitors might come out with their own, better DVDs 4) clients might say "to hell with your DVDs, we want the live show"

Having said that, BODs is pretty confident it's got a potentially great product on its hands, namely because it's going to star BODs President, CEO, and director Tammy Skalko, whose bio is as follows:

Tammy Skalko, CEO, President and Director
Ms. Skalko has been an officer and director of our Company since 2010 and previously worked full time running BODS Transcending Co. Ms. Skalko, who began in the "commercial" world of television and acting/dance/modeling at age 4, has worked on numerous television commercials, ranging from Coca-cola to Disney World. By age 14, Tammy set out for a transition into dance and worked on Nickelodeon "Keenan and Kel" as well as 'The Mickey Mouse Club'. She has worked with Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, and Def Leopard [sic], as a background dancer for Prince concerts, music videos, and eventually Saturo Models in Tokyo at age 19. She took a leave from the entertainment world from 1992 to 2007.

Act fast and maybe they'll throw some participation in the DVD your way. For 100 shares, you get to hold the boom mic, for 1000 shares you can be an example of a "before." 5000 means you get to be one of the extras who does the moves alongside Skalko and for 10,000 shares you get to be the pole.

For 15,000 shares they'll let you wear a sandwich board that says "flirty! fun! sexy!" on the front and "anything is possible if you believe baby” on the back while walking up and down the sidewalk outside the studio.

House of BODS [HOBS]
BODS Dance [Twitter]



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