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Italy's Got Good News And Bad News For Silvio Berlusconi

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The bad news: they rejected his appeal of a verdict sentencing him to four years (reduced to one due to overcrowding). The good news: that one year might be served at home, where the hookers can come to him, and he might still be able to hold office!

Italy’s highest court on Thursday definitively confirmed a prison sentence for tax fraud for Silvio Berlusconi, dealing a severe blow to Italy’s most dramatic politician. But it also called for a re-examination of a ban on his holding public office, a compromise that might stave off an imminent collapse of Italy’s left-right coalition government...The decision by the Court of Cassation was the first time Mr. Berlusconi has received a definitive conviction in 20 years of tangles with Italy’s judicial system. In the other cases brought against Mr. Berlusconi over the years — which range from tax evasion to buying judges to embezzlement — he was either acquitted on appeal or the statute of limitations ran out. The ruling could upend his center-right People of Liberty party, more a charismatic movement than an ideologically coherent party, and also strain the center-left Democratic Party, elements of which have never liked sharing power with their former rival.

Mr. Berlusconi is still facing trial on charges of paying for sex with the Moroccan-born Karima el Mahroug, nicknamed Ruby Heartstealer, when she was still a minor, and abusing his office to cover it up. In the case upheld Thursday, prosecutors had argued that Mr. Berlusconi and other defendants bought the rights to broadcast American movies on his networks through a series of offshore companies and falsely declared how much they paid in order to avoid taxes. Experts had said that if the high court upheld the tax fraud sentence, Mr. Berlusconi, 76, would more likely face house arrest, considering his age.

Berlusconi’s 1-Year Prison Sentence for Tax Fraud Is Upheld [NYT]


A Running List Of Things That Do It For Silvio Berlusconi

Should you ever find yourself in a situation in which knowledge pertaining to the arousal triggers of the former Italian prime minister would come in handy, whether it's bar trivia night or one of his bunga bunga parties, try and remember that Silvio likes prostitutes dressed as: 1. Nuns 2. Communists 3. President Obama One of the young women who attended Silvio Berlusconi's "bunga bunga" parties told a court on Friday that she dressed up as a burlesque version of U.S. President Barack Obama to entertain the former Italian prime minister. In testimony during a trial against the 75-year-old Berlusconi on charges of paying for sex with an underage prostitute, Marysthell Polanco said she had also dressed as prosecutor Ilda Boccassini. Boccassini, known as "Ilda the Red" because of her hair color and what Berlusconi says is her communist political sympathies, is one of the prosecutors in the ongoing trial. "I dressed up as Boccassini with a toga to make him laugh, and also as Obama," Polanco told the court...Previous witnesses who attended his parties painted a more sordid picture, including nudity, mimicked sex, and one described two women wearing nasty versions of nuns' habits performing a raunchy pole dance. Hope this helps. Berlusconi party girl says masqueraded as Obama [Reuters Earlier: Former Italian Prime Minister Loved A Good Costume Party