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Let's Have A Chat About: CFA Level III Results (And Lifelong Dreams)

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For 49% of the June test takers, this is the greatest day of your lives. You have spent years chasing after those three little letters. You have sacrificed time, sleep, relationships, and money. Money not just spent on books and prep courses but on the jacket sitting in the back of your closet, still in the garment bag, with the gold stitching on the breast pocket. "You want it to say what after the name?" the guy in the store asked? "C-F-A," you said. "All caps." "What's CFA," he wanted to know. "It's designation, for investment and finance professionals," you told him. "It's three little letters that give confidence to investors worldwide."

"Oh, kind of like a CPA?"

"No not like a CPA at all. This much more."

You knew you were jumping the gun getting the coat before you'd even taken the Level III exam, but you just couldn't stop yourself. And it's not like you wore it around town. It just sat there, behind a bunch of crap. Somehow just knowing it was there gave you hope and on nights when you needed a little extra motivation to finish a particularly grueling practice test, unzipping the bag and running your finger across the crushed velvet lapel and over the fine buttons helped get you through it.

And yes, sometimes you cracked, took it out of the closet and wore it around the apartment. You couldn't help it. It felt so good, so right. You'd practice saying, "Bob Fitzsimmons, CFA" in different ways, to the microwave, the TV, the dog. Sometimes you'd put the emphasis on the 'C.' Sometimes you'd put the emphasis on the 'A.' Sometimes you'd say it slowly and sometimes fast. And even though the UPS delivery guy most likely neither noticed, nor gave a shit, a small part of you thought it was possible he looked at the jacket like he was impressed.

The rest of you have been in the men's or ladies' room muffling your tears for the last four hours.

If you need a place to talk it out, everyone here is listening and cares.

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