Snub By Ben Bernanke No Reason To Ruin Esther George's Big Party


The Kansas City Fed chief wants the son of a bitch at Merrill Lynch who spoiled the secrecy surrounding her underwhelming ski-vacation-and-symposium caught before he finds his way to Moscow or Ecuador.

The agenda of the annual Jackson Hole (Wyo.) symposium held by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is a closely guarded secret; those invited are asked to keep the program contents under wraps until the event starts.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch broke the embargo Monday in a note to clients laying out many of the agenda details for the event, which takes place Aug. 22-24….

BoA concludes that the lack of “major Fed officials scheduled to speak” means “the markets are likely to pay a lot less attention to Jackson Hole than in the past.” The Kansas City Fed probably wishes the writers paid more attention to their ground rules.

Jackson Hole Agenda Leaked [WSJ Real Time Economics blog]
With lack of starpower, Jackson Hole to be a quiet affair this year, bank says [MarketWatch]


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It's gonna be a hot time in Jackson Hole this year.