World-Historic Not-So-Fake Fake Currency Summit Happening Right Now - Dealbreaker

World-Historic Not-So-Fake Fake Currency Summit Happening Right Now


Bitcoin’s chief lobbyists (yes, they exist) will try to explain themselves to the establishment power-structure mulling ways to keep them down (by ensuring they’re not just 21st-century money-laundering scheme).

Representatives from at least seven government agencies are scheduled to meet Monday with the main Bitcoin trade group amid a growing focus from regulators and law-enforcement authorities on the fledgling virtual currency.

Patrick Murck, general counsel for the Bitcoin Foundation, said he would make a presentation and answer questions from representatives of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Secret Service….

Mr. Murck said he is pleased with the chance to provide more information "so we can both move forward to the same safe regulatory environment."

"We understand there are specific challenges that go along with Bitcoin and there is a lot of potential and we want to work with them to chart a safe course," he said of the government agencies.

The trade group and some Bitcoin companies say they support efforts to ensure that the industry is operating in compliance with certain laws.

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