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Write-Offs: 08.01.13

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$$$"Breaking Bad" Superfan Warren Buffett Says Walter White "Is A Great Businessman" [BuzzFeed]

$$$ ...three years after the government accused Mr. Tourre and his former employer of misleading investors, the 34-year-old Frenchman concedes he will never shake a public identity forged by the trial and a cache of personal emails that surfaced during the inquiry. "I'm not naive," he said. "It's going to stay with me forever." [WSJ]

$$$SAC Seen Avoiding $14 Billion Death Penalty From U.S. [Bloomberg]

$$$RBS in talks with regulators to appoint McEwan as new CEO [Reuters]

$$$ For the wedding of Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas, the couple wanted to highlight their love of nature—particularly “old-growth forests,” writes David Kirkpatrick, who covered the wedding exclusively for Vanity Fair. Writing in detail for the first time about the Tolkien-esque costumes (364 in all), the food, the flowers, and the late-night reveling guests, Kirkpatrick reveals new information about the event’s planning, such as Parker’s borrowing invitation inspiration from the Queen of England’s 1953 coronation announcement. For the first dance, the groom serenaded the bride with a song from The Little Mermaid: “Look at this trove, treasures untold / How many wonders can one cavern hold?” Sean Parker, the billionaire Internet wizard who helped create Napster and Facebook, knew the lyrics by heart. It was an endearing, corny, and over-the-top moment at an event most noteworthy, perhaps, for how it has been vilified as a symbol of the excesses of tech-industry wealth. [Vanity Fair]

$$$N.Y. Resort Owners Charged With $96 Million Ponzi Fraud [Bloomberg]

$$$AIG Reinstates Dividend [WSJ]

$$$NYC food truck fires worker after tip-shaming Wall Street firm on Twitter [NYDN]


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