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Write-Offs: 08.07.13

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$$$Glencore, JPMorgan sued over warehouse aluminum prices [Reuters]

$$$Obama puts housing at heart of economy [Guardian / Heidi Moore]

$$$SAC Insider-Trading Investigation Continues, Bharara Says [Bloomberg]

$$$Icahn Bolsters His Assault on Dell, as Odds Mount Against Him [Dealbook]

$$$SEC's Hunt for Crisis-Era Wrongdoing Loses Steam [WSJ]

$$$Purchase a Dealbreaker bag today and become a platinum level reader. [Dealbreaker Store]

$$$Sandlot Star's Arrest for Headbutting Cop Yields Terrifying Mug Shot [Gawker]

$$$ Jill Zarin had to take a cross-country business trip, but her dog, Ginger, was sick. She couldn't leave the seven-pound Chihuahua behind, so she hired a vet to accompany them. In stepped celebrity veterinarian Dr. Cindy Bressler, who launched JetSetVets this year to meet pets' needs in the air. Bressler, who has a house-call practice in New York and the Hamptons, took on two partners for JetSetVets: Los Angeles and Beverly Hills veterinarian Patrick Mahaney, and Blue Star Jets, a New York-based company that promises to have a small, medium, large or jumbo jet ready to go anywhere in the world in less than four hours. It is believed to be the country's only private-jet, ride-along-vet, concierge-pet service. [CNBC]

$$$IMF Warns On Icelandic Economy [WSJ]

$$$Hanson — Yes, That Hanson — on Their New Beer, Mmmhops [GS]


Write-Offs: 06.14.12

$$$ Central banks ready to combat Greek market storm [Reuters] $$$ Things to know about the London Whale and capital models [DEM] $$$ Things to know about TARGET2 balances [Felix Salmon] $$$ Things to know about EFSF and ESM leverage and guarantees [TF] $$$ Here is a behavioral economics paper with the keywords "anti-social behaviour, nastiness, money-burning" [Universitat Jaume via Robin Hanson] $$$ "I have been a judge in the Miss Universe pageant three times, and I assure you it is not fixed. Even though Donald Trump made it very clear to us whom he would vote for, I always voted my conscience. ... I voted for the contestant I thought was the most beautiful." [The Daily] $$$ You should really think about becoming a credit analyst for BNP Paribas in New York [DBCC] $$$ Quest Software Brings in Competing Bid Using Clever Corporate Engineering [Dealpolitik] $$$ Maiden Lane Loans Repaid, but Assets Still Need to Be Sold [DealBook] $$$ Ray Dalio Is Building a Baseball Card Collection [NYM] $$$ The Nobel Foundation lost some money in the stock market [Fortune] $$$ Man Who Saved Mouse from Being Eaten By Cat Catches Black Plague [Gawker]

Write-Offs: 6.23.15

Goldman Sachs vs. Morgan Stanley; Harvey Keitel sues E*Trade; "After Debate, Middle-School Class Decides Not to Eat Its Pet Fish"; and more.

Write-Offs: 11.24.15

BofA sees big things for the year 2025; Russia; High-speed trading in peril; "$17,500,000 underground bunker for sale in Georgia"; and more.