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Write-Offs: 08.26.13

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$$$Treasury To Hit Debt Limit In October [WSJ]

$$$Sotheby’s Auctioneer Becomes Target of Loeb’s Third Point [WSJ]

$$$Exchanges Announce Merger Plan [WSJ]

$$$Justice Dept. Again Signals Interest to Pursue Financial Crisis Cases [Dealbook]

$$$ Fred doesn't know much more than that about where the rumor came from. Which is okay, because it turns out La La has a second, more important question that Fred does know the answer to. She doesn't really care about Honey Nut Cheerios. The cereal was a pretext. What she really wants to know is: Has Fred heard about anything involving Melo and women who are not named La La Anthony? Fred nods sympathetically. On this subject, he says, he can help: "No BS came out." "Good," La La says, as somewhere far away from here a chill shoots down the spine of the NBA's reigning scoring champion. "Because I'll cut a m*therf*cker's d*ck off, okay? And that'll be the next story." [GQ]

$$$Turkey Plays Chicken With Markets [WSJ]

$$$Radioactivists: Investors losing when agitators step in [NYP]

$$$A spoof of a Mercedes-Benz commercial featuring a C-Class Mercedes running down and killing Adolf Hitler went viral over the weekend, sparking mostly positive reactions. But the German automaker, part of Daimler AG, wasn’t exactly pleased with the unauthorized commercial spot. The 80-second video that was uploaded to YouTube contains the warning “This spot is a film school’s submission. There exists no current or past affiliation to Mercedes-Benz or to Daimler AG.” In the spot, a Mercedes Benz C-Class is seen driving through a village in Austria, stopping for children playing on the road just in time, due to the collision prevention assist feature of the car. After the kids jump out of the way, the C-Class continues driving, running over a boy who is revealed to be a young Adolf Hilter in what was revealed to be his hometown, Braunau am Inn. The ad ends with the words “Detect dangers before they come up.” According to the Independent, the makers of the video revealed that they were legally obliged by Mercedes to ensure that viewers fully understood that Mercedes-Benz or Daimler AG were not involved with the production of the spoof ad at all. Mercedes-Benz reportedly found the content of the video “inappropriate.” [International Business Times]


Write-Offs: 11.11.15

Bond trader bonuses down; SnapChat gets reality check; Bernanke talks easy money; "Groupon Is Selling a Clip-In Manbun"; and more.

Write-Offs: 01.03.13

$$$ In Victory for Google, U.S. Ends Antitrust Investigation [NYT] $$$ Scandal Hits Greek Tourism Agency [WSJ] $$$ Fairytale of New York — in pari passu, anyway [FTAV] $$$ John McAfee Pimped Out 29 ‘Pillow Talk Masters’ to Spy on Belize: Here’s What He Found [NYO] $$$ Russia grants citizenship to Depardieu [FT, outstanding photo] $$$ A little bit of adolescent pushback, as teens begin to express their individuality, is good, said Leslie Whitten Baughman, a child therapist with a practice in Sacramento. But drugging your parents "would not be a healthy level of rebellion." [Sac Bee] $$$ A top electronic trading firm is looking for a C++ developer in LA [DBCC] $$$ Transocean to pay $1.4 billion for role in BP oil spill [Reuters] $$$ "Loblaw Buying Canada Safeway No Pipe Dream in Spinoff" [Bloomberg!] $$$ The Macroeconomics of Middle Earth [WCI] $$$ Why Are Dogs Racist? Canine Experts Speak [Gawker] $$$ Drew Magary profiles Snoop Lion (né Snoop Dogg) [GQ]