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Write-Offs: 08.29.13

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$$$Nasdaq Calls Freeze 'Unacceptable' [WSJ]

$$$JPMorgan's internal bribery investigation reviewing 200 Asia hires [Reuters]

$$$Government lawyers have asked the private equity firm headed by the prominent financier Lynn Tilton for information related to its recent hiring of a former Army official, according to people briefed on the matter...In a statement, Ms. Tilton said she and Patriarch were fully cooperating with the inquiry and was confident it would not affect her firm or any of its companies. “MD and Patriarch are squeaky clean,” the statement said. “Our only fear is of any specter that the press might cast and not of any truth that an investigation will find.” [Dealbook]

$$$U.S. and Switzerland Reach Deal on Bank Penalties [Dealbook]

$$$Woman Offered to Pay Hit Man in Rare Stamps to Whack Banker Husband [DNAI]

$$$Markets 1, Mark 0 [WSJ]

$$$Summers Schooled by Rates at Harvard Wants Job Setting Them [Bloomberg]

$$$David Schwimmer's Neighbors Label Him "Not Cool" in Hurtful Graffiti [Gawker]


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