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Business Cards Not Being Used For Intended Purpose At Fashion Week, Where Consultants Have More Faith In Their Odds Than Financial Services Employees

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Some straight men have learned to play Fashion Week expectations to their own advantage. At a party for streetwear and fashion parody labels Conflict of Interest and LPD, a friend said she’d spent twenty minutes dancing and joking with a young man she presumed to be gay. He complimented her “twerk”; she laughed at his mock encouragement. “Then he was like, ‘I wanna have an awkward lunch with you,’” she recalled. She gingerly offered her business card. His response? “No, stick it in my pocket, next to my dick.” Other straight guys were less bold. At Phillip Lim’s Target party on Thursday night, a pair lingered quietly in the back, wearing dress shirts and jeans. A friend who worked on the event’s production had invited them. “These women are at the tip-top of fashion,” said one, a 28-year-old in finance. “Me, I just work in midtown. I almost feel like I don’t belong in this lifestyle, like I’m not the guy they’re looking for.” But his companion, a 29-year-old consultant, was cautiously optimistic. “It beats meeting girls on Tinder,” he said. [The Cut]