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Hank Greenberg Would Like To Remind Everyone He Left AIG In Tip-Top Shape

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His and Snowflake's hands are clean.

BusinessWeek: To some people, AIG’s collapse was a bigger shock than Lehman. What about for you Greenberg: Remember, I wasn’t running it at that point. When I left in 2005, we were AAA-rated. We had risk controls in place. We met every week and there was special time allotted for AIG Financial Products. They did as much credit-default swaps in the nine months after I left as in the seven years we’d been doing that business.

Hank Greenberg on Watching AIG Implode From the Sidelines [BW]


Former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg (Getty Images)

Hank Greenberg Gets AIG Back (Kinda)

He can't sue on its behalf, but maybe his trusted former deputy can sue on his (No, not Snowflake).