Last Time Area Dad Checked, Post-Labor Day Child-Rearing Fell Under 'Not My F*cking Problem'


Labor Day, that fading-summer Monday, has always been central to the biorhythms of parents in the New York area. It means vacations are done and the start of classes, mercifully, is just a day or two away. Except this year, when the calendar revealed a remarkably early arrival of Rosh Hashana, beginning Wednesday night, prompting school districts in New York City and many suburbs to postpone opening day until Monday, Sept. 9, a full week after Labor Day. Jim Slattery, a lawyer making his way to work on Tuesday morning, was well aware of how the scheduling this year was disrupting his wife’s end-of-summer time at home in Westchester County, with their two daughters, ages 9 and 12, having nowhere to go. “She’s not happy,” Mr. Slattery said. “The girls are tearing up the house.” He made it clear, however, that it was her predicament to manage. “This is not my problem,” he said. [NYT]


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