Losing Any Credibility Whatsoever Not Such A Bad Thing For Ex-Bank CEO Who Wanted Nothing More Than The Time To Curl Up With A Good Book


Over at the Wall Street Journal today you will find a "Where are they now?" round-up of what "The Cast of the 2008 Financial Crisis" has been up to of late. Most of the entries mention books (Paulson, Geithner), current jobs on Wall Street and with the government (Thain, Bernanke, Steel, Dimon, Weinstein, Paulson), low-profiles and responses of "No comment" (Cayne, Mozilo, Fuld, Diamond). While lawyers for former BofA chief Ken Lewis did not get back to the Journal, "someone" close to the guy did offer this delightfully quaint update, which actually sounds like it was intended for his college's alumni magazine or the Lewis family newsletter.

Mr. Lewis now divides his time between homes in North Carolina and Florida. He can still be seen around town in Charlotte, N.C., Bank of America’s headquarters and he recently joined the board of a local group trying to build a film production studio in the Queen City. What Lewis enjoys most are quiet days at home, catching up on his reading, said a person close to him.

Would it be nice to still hold a job in banking or at least to have walked away with his reputation intact and the door open for employment at a later time and date? Sure to but to tell the truth, there's nothing quite like being able to lock yourself in the mahogany-paneled library and blow through the entire Harry Potter and Twilight series in a week, taking breaks only to eat and sleep. Lewis also (presumably) enjoys spending time tinkering around the tool shed and building up his ship-in-a-bottle collection.

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