McKinsey Rule Of Dress Number One: Cover Up Your Ankles Immediately, But Not With Argyle. This Is A Consulting Firm, Not A House Of Ill-Repute.


[Marvin] Bower enforced an unyielding dress code: dark suits, hats, and garters. Long socks were required because Bower abhorred the sight of "raw flesh." Maurice Cunniffe, who worked at the firm from 1963 to 1969, could remember the protocol as if it were yesterday. "Definitely long socks," he said. "And a feather on your hat only if it was barely peeking over your hat band." "You would wear garters and you would wear a hat," recalled McKinsey consultant Jack Vance. "You didn't wear bow ties and lord knows you didn't have a mustache." Or argyle socks. In one heralded piece of McKinsey lore, Bower is said to have attended a client meeting in 1966 with a young associate who had the audacity to reveal a flash of argyle under his pants cuff during the meeting. Upon returning to the office, Bower whipped off one of his signature blue memos on appropriate sock wear, and he even held a Saturday clinic on the right way to dress. [The Firm via WSJ]



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