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NYC Department Of Buildings Leaves Nouriel Roubini No Choice But To Convert His Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen Into A Jacuzzi With Room For 45

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As many of you undoubtedly know, Nouriel Roubini likes to party. In order to offset days spent predicting doom, the economist spends his nights "enjoying life" AKA throwing get-togethers replete with "crowds of models," show business types, and plaster vaginas. While his $5.5 million penthouse was purchased with entertaining in mind, it was of the utmost importance to make a few key upgrades upon arrival in December 2010, namely the addition of a 10-person hot tub and something called a "party room." Unfortunately, in his excitement to get things going, the doctor failed to get the necessary permission for his adult-themed water park, and now this is happening:

The economist, who became known as 'Dr Doom' after predicting the financial crisis, has been forced to remove his giant hot tub from the roof of his $5 million New York penthouse, it emerged today. Nouriel Roubini did not get approval for the ten-person jacuzzi, which would often be the focal point of his raucous parties, or the wooden roof deck he built on his East Village, Manhattan, apartment. The Department of Buildings cited him for a violation and he was ordered to remove the jacuzzi, deck and the party room he built - which had a bar and a bathroom - on his roof...A source told the New York Post that a neighbor sick of his lively parties may have complained to the city but said this will not stop Dr Doom. 'The parties will still go on. Knowing him, he’ll just move the hot tub inside,' he said. The three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom apartment includes a 50-bottle temperature-controlled wine refrigerator, a 'custom walnut wet bar', and a wrap terrace 'ideal for sunbathing, stargazing and dining al fresco', according to the property listing. 'Connected by a custom cantilevered steel staircase, each level of this amazing home offers something unique and unforgettable,' the listing by Richard Orenstein, a Halstead Property broker, said when it was on the market.

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