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Ron Perelman Has Never Been More Proud Of His Daughter

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Samantha Perelman is getting into dear old Dad's favorite business: down-and-dirty, sharp-elbowed litigation. And, be still his heart, against a family member! One of his least-favorite family members, to boot!

He'll pick up that bill any day.

For years he waged war with Samantha’s uncle James Cohen, the head of Hudson Media, magazine and newspaper wholesaler whose name is emblazoned across stores in dozens of airports around the country, charging Mr. Cohen siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars out of her inheritance. Now his daughter is leading her own charge, with her father picking up the bill….

Until her death in 2007, Ms. Cohen was an heir to the fortune amassed by her father, Robert B. Cohen, the founder of Hudson Media. Ms. Perelman estimates that her share of the estate would have been valued at almost $700 million when her grandfather died last year, but for the actions of her uncle.

Mr. Perelman first sued Robert Cohen in 2008, but lost. In the latest round of litigation, in the New Jersey Superior Court in Hackensack, N.J., his daughter argues that her uncle, James, preyed on her sick grandfather before he died in February 2012, using “undue influence” over the 86-year-old to reduce her mother’s inheritance….

Ms. Perelman is arguing that the court should validate a 2004 will that she says would have left her mother, and ultimately her, hundreds of millions of dollars. While her mother died before her grandfather, the 2004 will said that in the event of Claudia’s death, Samantha was to inherit her mother’s share of the estate….

“What he did was greedy and not nice,” said Ms. Perelman in a videoconference interview from her father’s yacht off the shore of Greece. Ms. Perelman, who worked this summer as a production assistant on the set of the HBO show “Girls,” and is studying for a master’s in business administration, says that despite her father’s wealth her mother always wanted her to be provided for separately and she would be “incredibly heartbroken and angry to know her brother deceived her.”

Perelman's Daughter Leads a Nasty Legal Brawl [DealBook]


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