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Write-Offs: 09.20.13

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$$$George Soros, the 83-year-old billionaire investor, philanthropist and active supporter of liberal political causes, is set to marry health care and education consultant Tamiko Bolton on Saturday at his estate near New York City. Three days of festivities will begin Friday with a dinner followed by a reception at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan for a preview of the new exhibition, "Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926-1938" of works by Belgian painter Rene Magritte. Soros and Bolton, 42, plan to exchange vows in a small ceremony on Saturday morning at the Bedford, New York estate, which Soros bought in 2003 from "Jurassic Park" author Michael Crichton. Kimba Wood, a federal judge, will perform the non-denominational ceremony, which will be attended by members of the couple's families, including his five children, a source familiar with the arrangements told Reuters. The wedding ceremony will be followed by a reception on Saturday evening with more than 500 guests at an arts center in nearby Katonah...When asked if there is a prenuptial agreement, the source familiar with the wedding arrangements said that Soros's lawyer, William D. Zabel, reiterated his comments from last year that "Soros will leave the bulk of his estate to charity but he intends to provide generously for his wife." [Reuters]

$$$Fed officials criticize, explain taper delay. [Reuters]

$$$Goldman Managing Director to Be Arraigned on Rape Charge [Bloomberg]

$$$"Capitalism Works For Me" Interactive Sign Turns On In Times Square [AnimalNY]

$$$In one of his most detailed interviews on AIG's response to the crisis, Mr. Benmosche solidified his reputation as one of the most outspoken executives on Wall Street. He reiterated his defense of the bonuses paid to AIG's traders after the bailout, saying critics complained out of "ignorance"; took shots at competitors, including Warren Buffett, who may see AIG as vulnerable; and vowed that the company won't be "intimidated" by regulators. [WSJ]

$$$ Who would McAfee like to portray him in the movie? Bryan Cranston, who portrays chemist-turned-drug-lord Walter White in "Breaking Bad." "I think he would be perfect," he said. As for McAfee Inc., the company he created and then left, "I don't use the software myself, haven't used it for years." [CNBC]

$$$Mitt Romney Lost Count of How Many Grandchildren He Has [Gawker]

$$$NYSE Wins Highest Market Share Since 2009 Amid Index Changes [CNBC]

$$$Next Up For JP Moragn: A Fight With The CFTC [CNBC]

$$$Girl Loses Allowance and It’s $26,000 a Month and She’s 47 Years Old [DI]