Bankrupt Former Electronics Retailer Graciously Agrees To Help Save The Stupid From Themselves


If, for some reason, you have need of trading Tweeter Home Entertainment pink sheets five years after Tweeter ceased doing business of any kind, you can now find them under the ticker symbol THEGQ, rather than Twitter's planned ticker symbol with a Q stuck on the end.

The bankrupt retailer, which saw a flurry of trading activity last week as investors confused it with Twitter, will now trade under THEGQ rather than its former TWTRQ, according to a Finra website….

Tweeter — which doesn’t trade at all many days and often for less than a penny when it does — rallied on huge volume Friday. Some investors mixed it up with Twitter, which last week revealed plans to raise up to $1 billion in a public offering and will list under the symbol TWTR.

Tweeter Changes Stock Symbol After Twitter Confusion [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]