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Believe Sam Zell, If The Pill Had Been Around In His Day He Would Have Been Indiscriminately Bedding Ladies Left And Right

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Prominent real-estate investor Sam Zell laid out his 10,000-foot view of the U.S real-estate market on Tuesday, calling the market in private and commercial real-estate “healthy” with multi-family buildings the strongest sector. At the Invest for Kids conference in Chicago, Mr. Zell said the continued trend to defer marriage until later in life has proved a boon to apartments and condos across the country, and to his own company, Equity Group Investments. He called that “perhaps the most significant” factor in keeping multi-family as the strongest investing area in commercial real estate, noting with a personal anecdote the difference between his era and today. “I graduated college and was married 10 days later,” he said. “Times were different. There was no pill.” [MoneyBeat]



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