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Brooks Brothers Execs: Once You've Mastered Shirts And Ties, How The Hell Hard Could A Dry-Aged Steak Be?

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Brooks Brothers, the “Makers and Merchants” of fine American suits and ties since 1818, is turning its talents on another Yankee Doodle favorite — steak. The legendary apparel emporium plans to launch a huge steakhouse, branded “Makers and Merchants,” at 11 E. 44th St., around the corner from its flagship store at 346 Madison Ave., sources told The Post...No plans are on record yet with the Buildings Dept., nor has a liquor application been filed with the State Liquor Authority. Nor has Brooks Brothers chosen an operator or management company. But the chain has ambitious plans for its plunge into the perilous culinary waters. Although Brooks Brothers currently has no restaurants, the East 44th Street beef palace would serve as the prototype for a branded steakhouse line across the US. [NYP]


Source: AP

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