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Charlie Gasparino: James Gorman's Posture All But Guarantees Good News Tomorrow

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Tomorrow morning Morgan Stanley will report its earnings for the third quarter. How will the bank do? Various analystshave predicted good things for the House of Gorman, having pored over the numbers available to them, and taking into account what other banks have said, guidance, macro economic factors and so on and so forth. Fox Business reporter Charlie Gasparino has also come up with a guesstimate, though his was arrived at in a slightly different fashion. Namely, talking to people, taking the pulse, and inquiring as to whether CEO James Gorman has been walking around the building like he's got some pair of balls on him or not.

Gasparino: Tomorrow, according to people inside Morgan Stanley, will be the day their business model will shine and that crown that has been perennially...on Goldman Sachs's head will maybe be half on both of theirs, shared by Gorman and Blankfein...and Gorman's grand experiment, which is to make this the brokerage/advice capital of the world will shine...he'll finally get his affirmation tomorrow. Liz Claman: He told that to you a year ago, here on Fox Business. CG: Did I believe him? LC: You were a little skeptical but then you said 'Watch Morgan Stanley.' See, Charlie, just so you know, he trolls the hallways on the 12th floor, grunting on occasion-- CG: ....cursing... LC: ...but on occasion you'll blurt out 'Morgan Stanley's gonna do it, James Gorman's gonna do it.' CG: I think tomorrow's going to be an interesting day. We'll see what he says. You know, I can tell you, he's running around, obviously he can't say what the earnings are today, because they come out tomorrow and it's kind of a quiet period. But people who know him say his body language is very, very positive.

For those of you who'd like to start incorporating body language analysis into your work, let's start by determining exactly what sort of physical cues Gorman has been giving off that led Gasparino to his conclusion. Has he been:

- Walking in such a manner that suggests he's packing a pair the size of grapefruits?
- Cutting out pictures of Lloyd's face, taping them to the bottom of the crocodile skin boots he got on his last trip to the Outback, and humming "These boots are made for walkin'...that's just what they'll of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you" to himself in the executive washroom?
- Stripping down to his button down and socks and making his entrance to board meetings and firm-wide town halls Risky Business-style?
- Doing something only a Fox Business Senior Body Language Correspondent would recognize as signaling "3rd quarter earnings are gonna be huge"?

Will Morgan Stanley upstage Goldman Sachs in 3Q earnings? [FBN]


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