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SAC Veteran Abandons Steve Cohen In His Time Of Need

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Apparently saving the planet is a more worthy calling than making SAC money.

Nick Tiller, an energy portfolio manager at SAC Capital Advisors LP, is retiring from the $14 billion hedge-fund firm run by Steven A. Cohen.

Tiller, who worked at SAC for almost 12 years and was one of only a few portfolio managers to oversee $1 billion or more, plans to focus on Sustainable America, a charity he founded, according to an e-mail sent today to colleagues. He also said he plans to spend more time with his family….

“After years of researching and profiting from” investments in food and energy, Tiller said he will focus on alleviating shortages in “those same sectors.”

SAC Energy Manager Nick Tiller Is Retiring After 12 Years [Bloomberg]



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