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Hedge Fund Manager Throws Up Hands, Professes Ignorance About Meaning Of Popular Graffiti

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In case you missed it, the British graffiti artist Banksy has been in town for a few weeks, infuriating local vandals and certain aesthetically-sensitive officeholders alike, inspiring entrepreneurs, sending those in-the-know into boroughs that they had not previously heard of and fueling the manufactured-outrage industry with the observation that One World Trade Center is not a stirring work of architecture.

Well, hedge fund manager Nelson Saiers didn't miss it, and thought, since the great man is here for today's Hurricane Sandy anniversary, it would be a nice gesture if he were to throw up a mural to "raise awareness" about those still suffering from the storm's aftereffects. And maybe he has. Saiers isn't sure.

As art is subjective, if you have already completed a piece fulfilling the requirement please contact me.

Either way, Saiers, to whom it apparently had not occurred that Bansky might not bite, has decided that he's not going to wait for that confirmation. But others are!

As the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy is upon us, I’ve decided to waive the criterion on my original letter and will donate the original $100,000 to World Vision to benefit underprivileged children in Sandy affected areas. At this point, the anonymous donors are waiting to see if you will accept the original offer before donating the remaining $142,000.

Hey Banksy: Hedge Fund Manager To Go Ahead With Sandy Donations [HedgeCo.Net]


Stick to the tables and slots; it's safer. By Clément Bardot (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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