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Humblebrag Watch '13: Highfields Capital

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The Boston-based hedge fund knows that you're super-disappointed that it's only returned 23% this year. I mean, you could have had your money with any of the myriad hedge funds that are down in 2013 or have posted the industry average 5% or 6%.

Luckily, Highfields founder Jonathon Jacobson has figured out the problem: It's done just too well, and you all love it too much. So he's going to return some of your money to get back to those halcyon days of the end of last year, when he had the just-right amount of $11 billion to play around with. But he's a nice guy, so he's going to give you until the end of the year to get a piece of the action before he's forced to turn aware further admirers.

The Boston-based investment firm told clients that it will stop accepting new money at the end of the year and will likely return between 5 percent and 15 percent of its capital, according to a letter seen by Reuters.

"While we are quite comfortable with our ability to generate good returns at our current size, we would rather be slightly smaller and generate better ones," Jonathon Jacobson, who co-founded the Boston-based firm in 1998, wrote in the letter….

Highfields, whose assets have been boosted in part by strong returns of 23 percent through September, said it would prefer to have assets at the level seen at the start of this year, when it managed roughly $11 billion.

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