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Write-Offs: 10.11.13

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$$$Budget Battle Ends Soon With Tea Party Loss: King, Corker [Bloomberg]

$$$FBI Mounts Criminal Investigations Of Actions In Forex Market [WSJ]

$$$JP Morgan Reels From Legal Costs [WSJ]

$$$ Silvio Berlusconi's latest girlfriend has discussed the chaotic nature of life at home with the former Italian prime minister, who is 49 years her senior. Francesca Pascale told Italian newspaper Oggi that people had "taken advantage" of her 77-year-old boyfriend, and that his home was in disarray. "When I started to live with him I found a situation unacceptable, I just did what had to be done: a bit of cleaning," she told the publication. "In short, there was no woman in the house." [CNBC]

$$$DiCaprio says he tried to pick up the kinds of details that might slip off the printed page: "The attitude, the lingo, the type of music he listened to, the drugs he took, how he took those drugs, the effects that it had on his mind and his psyche." Asked for an example of this research, DiCaprio describes a large-scale scene, in which Belfort throws a wild party to celebrate his firm's success: "We reach our monthly quota, and I make it a big celebration," says DiCaprio. "A gigantic marching band and a bunch of naked strippers come into the salesroom." Production managers booked trained horses, hired scores of extras and midgets who would be dressed in Velcro suits and thrown at targets, per Belfort's memoir. Then, just days before the shoot, DiCaprio remembered something crucial from his conversations with Belfort and sought out Scorsese: "I said, 'Jordan also mentioned that he had a chimpanzee on roller skates in a diaper that was handing out tickets to all the stockbrokers.' And Marty's like, 'That's great, how do we get a chimpanzee?' And I said, 'I don't know.' And he's like, 'All right, somebody get on it.' " [WSJ]

$$$Like the bond market, we'll be off for Monday's holiday. If you are, too, enjoy the 3-day weekend, and if you're not, brief moral support in the form of opening/closing wraps will be provided. See you on Tuesday!

$$$Exclusive: U.S. watchdog readies tighter new commodity limits rule [Reuters]

$$$$10 billion U.K. hedge fund heads Stateside [Fortune]

$$$Mark Zuckerberg Just Spent $30 Million to Buy His Neighbors' Houses [ValleyWag]


Write-Offs: 03.12.13

$$$ Cliff Asness: The Hidden Tax Behind Wall Street Reform [WSJ] $$$ Banks’ Debt Addiction Said to Face Scrutiny at Basel Group [Bloomberg] $$$ Citigroup Joins Roster of Banks Advising Dell Buyout [Deal Journal] $$$ Bloomberg: still really into the $83bn TBTF subsidy [Bloomberg, earlier, etc.] $$$ Ms. White got a warmer welcome from some members of the panel, which is set to vote on her nomination before it moves to the full Senate. "The more I find out about you, the more I like you," said Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.), adding that he had already decided to support her nomination. Sen. Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.), introducing Ms. White at the beginning of the hearing, described the lighter side of a woman known mostly for locking up terrorists and mobsters. He told the packed hearing room that Ms. White served as chairman of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, likes to "crack open a cold can of Bud" and was effective on the basketball court as a member of a New York women's basketball league. [WSJ] $$$ A sinkhole swallowed a golfer on the 14th fairway [DM] $$$ A resource focused boutique investment bank is looking for an associate in New York [DBCC] $$$ An Asset Manager’s Guide to Swap Trading in the New Regulatory World [DPW] $$$ SEC asked Goldman to disclose more about illiquid assets - filings [Reuters] $$$ Funds pick Credit Suisse over UBS on revamp risks [Reuters] $$$ "There is nothing funny about these photos, in which Mitt Romney celebrates his 66th birthday by eating fluffernutter cupcakes and wearing a stupid birthday hat." [DI] $$$ 'Wolf of Wall Street' Gets $1M Pay Day for Movie Rights [FBN]