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Write-Offs: 10.15.13

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$$$Tepper: Fed won't taper for 'a long time' [CNBC]

$$$Bond Traders Shift Bets With Political Wind [Dealbook]

$$$BlackBerry Says Its 'Here to stay' [NYP]

$$$Thousands of angry Yahoo users slam latest inbox design as Gmail knock off [NYDN]

$$$The White House Squirrels Won the Shutdown [DI]

$$$Machines Trading $400 Billion of Bonds as Humans Retreat [Bloomberg]

$$$Deutsche Bank rates swap emails refer to customer being 'screwed' [Reuters]

$$$The weekend before the government shutdown, Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm took time out to sneak into the bathroom of an upscale Brooklyn wine bar with a comely gal pal — for a suspected 17-minute sex romp, sources told The Post on Tuesday. “It just so happened a couple people [at the bar] knew exactly who he was and kept an eye on him,’’ said one source, a Brooklyn Republican political operative who received a phone call from one disgusted eyewitness. “They were shocked. “Dude, I think he was in there having sex,’’ the source said, quoting the witness at The Owl’s Head on 74th Street in Bay Ridge, part of Grimm’s district, which straddles southern Brooklyn. “I think it was pretty obvious what as going on in there,’’ the source said. “They said Grimm was in there with a girl for 17 minutes. I guess they were timing him. “They were absolutely appalled,’’ the source added of the witnesses. “[The bar] is a place you go to for a quiet, romantic glass of wine, not a congressman having a tryst in a bathroom. [NYP]


Write-Offs: 05.23.12

$$$ Euro-Zone Leaders Step Up Greece Contingency Plans [WSJ] $$$ Facebook Banks Said To Make $100 Million On Stabilizing Stock [Bloomberg, earlier] $$$ The Modest Worth of Big Banks [NYT] $$$ Cardiff Garcia on Brad DeLong on Walter Bagehot [FTAV] $$$ "While we’re on the subject, we’d be remiss not to note that Mr. Muniyappa wore jeans and an untucked plaid button down, prompting New York Times legal eagle Peter Lattman to poll observers on the last time they’d seen a witness take the stand without a necktie. 'Maybe not at the trials The Times covers,' a wiseacre snapped." [NYO] $$$ Stress! An Energy Source Of The Future? [The Awl] $$$ "Representing the sovereign in these affairs is just more fun. It is a mixture of politics, finance and law, and theater," [sovereign restructuring lawyer Lee Buchheit] said. Buchheit recalled an Asian finance minister - referring to her only as "The Iron Lady" - resting a hand on his arm as tension mounted at 3 a.m. in a marathon meeting and saying: "I know you'll get us through this." [Reuters] $$$ UBS is looking for a credit stress testing analyst in Stamford [DBCC] $$$ China plans brokerage reforms to create its own Goldman Sachs [Reuters] $$$ In defense of private equity: Japan [Noahpinion] $$$ Romney Can’t Explain What He Learned in Business [DI] $$$ ALF Creator Paul Fusco Thinks ‘Timing is Right’ for an ALF Movie [Gawker]