Christmas Comes Early To Cantab Capital


Some hedge fund managers have a Machiavellian approach to dealing with failure: screaming, yelling, humiliating, firing, making examples of, etc. Ewan Kirk has a different approach.

The Cantab Capital Partners founder is suffering his worst year ever, down in the 20% to 30% range. And yet it would appear that he has not thrown a single thing or denigrated a single employee's manhood.

Kirk has a more constructive system: If you can't build me some models that work, why don't you try building something with these?

The irreverent – and until this year, highly profitable – Cambridge-based firm, set up by Goldman Sachs’ former head of quantitative trading, spent £2,000 on Lego to boost staff morale this summer after a painful losing streak struck hundreds of millions off its trading portfolio’s value….

Sources tell the Financial Times, work on Cantab’s Lego Death Star is ongoing.

Quant funds suffer dismal 'QE' losing streak [FT]



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