Compensation Watch '13: Soon-To-Be Former CNBC Anchors


Rupert is said (by a newspaper he owns, so maybe they actually know?) to be shelling out a few million for the $Honey. No word on perks.

Fox News is yet to confirm Bartiromo is moving to the network, though CNBC was quick to announce her departure once word leaked to the Drudge Report. Bartiromo’s contract with NBCUniversal-owned CNBC runs until Nov. 24, and that could be one possible hold-up with Fox confirming her hiring. Fox News declined comment. Meanwhile, Bartiromo’s new contract is worth between $5 million and $6 million a year, sources said.



Compensation Watch: It Sucked Slightly Less To Be Brian Moynihan Last Year

No cash bonus to speak of, but the li'l fella did get a bump year on year.