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Crédit Agricole Will Fight For Its Right To Have A Little Fun With Interbank Rates From Time To Time

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Whatever it did, it wasn't illegal. That's its story and it's sticking to it.

Jean-Paul Chifflet, chief executive, said alongside a presentation of the group’s third-quarter results that the bank had an “excellent case” and that the commission’s case was “without merit”.

“From the very beginning I have refused the idea of a settlement as it would imply a recognition of wrongdoing,” he said as the largest bank in France by assets reported a year-on-year jump in net income for the three-months to September 30….

Crédit Agricole, along with HSBC and JPMorgan has been resisting signing a deal, leaving three banks – Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank and Société Générale – party to the likely main settlement.

Crédit Agricole rejects settling with Brussels over rate-rigging claims


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