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Damages Watch' 13: Ex-Glencore Trader Who Company Insists Has A Drinking Problem

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Andrew Kearns: I was fired on the false claim I have a problem with alcohol. Glencore: We can't risk having an employee who might come back to the office 10-sheets to the wind, face-plant into his keyboard, and accidentally buy 700.1333333333 million barrels of crude oil.

Glencore International Plc trader fired over an alleged alcohol problem can’t sue the company to recover a share award worth about $1 million, that were awarded when he was hired, a U.K. court ruled. Judge Richard Seymour said he was “troubled” by Andrew Kearns’s lawsuit because it didn’t state a valid legal claim. “I am afraid we are not there,” he said in dismissing the claim today. Kearns, an oil trader who earned about $500,000 a year, sued Glencore seeking the shares, worth at least $1.2 million, after he was fired for missing important meetings because of what the company said were alcohol problems. Kearns is still suing for wrongful dismissal, which would result in a smaller amount in damages.

“He is a married man with three children and his reputation is on the line,” Ahmed Miah, Kearns’s lawyer, said in court. “What is said about him by Glencore is entirely wrong, unreasonable and untrue.” Kearns said in court documents he didn’t have an alcohol problem and was singled out because he disagreed with managers.

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