How Did You Come Up With The (Genius) Idea To Have Tom Brady Call Jamie Dimon To Cheer Him Up Re: WhaleGate?


Follow-up questions:

* Jamie Dimon is not a Patriots fan-- why Tom Brady?

* Would the Manning brothers (including Cooper) not take your call?

* How much time did you spend on this project?

* How many times did Jamie Dimon hang up on Tom Brady before you were able to convince him it wasn't a joke?

* Did Jamie consider calling Tom after the Patriots lost to the Jets earlier this year?

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Jamie Dimon (Sort Of) Returns Tom Brady's Favor

Back in October, the most wonderful aspect of the JPMorgan Whale Tale emerged in the pages of Vanity Fair: the day Vice-Chairman Jimmy Lee barricaded himself in his office determined to come up with a way to help Jamie Dimon, and after hours of thinking real hard, summoned his six secretaries and told them they had a job to do, which was getting Tom Brady on the horn so he could deliver a pep talk sure to cheer up the boss. Was the call kind of awkward, considering the two had never spoken and Brady's lack of useful investment ideas likely meant his big speech involved not much more than  "Even Super Bowl champion quarterbacks have bad days" and "Keep your chin up out there?" Probably. And yet some sort of bond was clearly forged, which would explain why Dimon felt compelled to throw Brady this bone: