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Living, Traveling On Bitcoin Alone Possible, A Huge Pain In The Ass

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The Morgan Spurlocks of the digital currency/money-laundering tool managed to make it around the world without starving (for more than one night) or sleeping on park benches.

It was midway through a tricontinental odyssey taken with his wife, Beccy Bingham-Craig, 29, and a film crew documenting their travails, which started in Provo, Utah. Their mission: to live on bitcoin alone.

"It's been consistently inconvenient and occasionally frustrating," Mr. Craig said outside Lean Crust, "but never impossible." Lean Crust advertised itself as bitcoin-friendly but hadn't seen much virtual foot traffic. Ms. Alamgir eventually contacted the store's owner, who arrived and processed the transaction, allowing Mr. Craig to munch on several slices….

During the trip, they had to not only introduce a number of people to the fledging currency but to persuade them to use it. After a few weeks of prodding, their landlord, Justin James, agreed to the plan—with the sweetener of a small premium over the rent—and set up his own bitcoin account….

After scouring Provo, they found one grocery store, LoLo's Fresh Food Warehouse, that would accept the currency. They found one auto insurance company that would take bitcoin. The single hardest thing to get regularly, Mr. Craig said, was finding gasoline. Early on, they hardly drove their car.

"For the first two weeks" of the experiment, Mr. Craig said, "we had no place to fill up."

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