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NYSE, Nasdaq Usher In New Era Of Good Feelings

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The two have a plan to keep the information flowing except in the perhaps not-as-unlikely-as-we'd-like event that both of them screw up simultaneously.

The committees that control consolidated data feeds for and NYSE Euronext are close to an agreement on a plan to back up one another's streams, according to people familiar with the matter….

Negotiations between the committees are under way, and an agreement could come by the end of this month, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Now that they're friends, perhaps NYSE would be so kind as to stop trying to one-up its data-feed-brother, and maybe might consider selling it a few exchangesafter all?

London Stock Exchange Group PLC, Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. and Deutsche Börse AG have each discussed the possibility of making offers for Euronext with their respective advisers, although none has yet hired bankers to launch a formal bid, the people said. It is possible the potential suitors won't move forward at all, given other priorities and challenges….

Currently, Euronext is set to pursue an initial public offering in Paris, according to ICE. The deal is expected in the early part of next year, ICE has said.

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NYSE Euronext Deal Off

The Big Board will not, after all, be selling itself its tiny minority stake in an Indian commodities exchange. It seems, like the Euronext part of NYSE Euronext, nobody wanted it.

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