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SAC Capital Is Going To Be The Bigger Man And Admit Guilt For The Handful Of Lowlifes Who Had To Ruin Things For The Rest Of The Group

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Sayeth SAC:

“We take responsibility for the handful of men who pleaded guilty and whose conduct gave rise to SAC’s liability. These wrongdoers do not represent the 3,000 honest men and women who have worked at the firm during the past 21 years. Even one person crossing the line into illegal behavior is too many and we greatly regret this conduct occurred.”

[Earlier, Related: Mr. Cohen...has also said he thinks it is unfair that he is paying nearly $2 billion in penalties out of his pocket for the crimes of what he believes are rogue employees.]


SAC Granted Permission To Put One Allegation Of Insider Trading Behind It

A judge ruled today that SAC can proceed with a $14 million settlement with the SEC, while Steve Cohen will have to wait a bit longer to find out if he's allowed to put up over half a billion to settle another one.

Has Steve Cohen Started Wearing A Ping Jiang Mask While Walking The SAC Trading Floor, White Board Marker In Hand?

Unclear but, based on recent reports, very possible. If you can come up with another idea re: how the "intimidating Cohen has become even more intimidating" in the wake of MartomaGate, we're all ears.