Science Shows You're Still Not As Good As The Two Female Peers You've Met Over The Course Of Your Entire Career


Perhaps you are familiar with U.S. News & World Report? Twice a year, they troll us with official-looking but nebulously-determined rankings of our alma maters and B-schools, allowing a semiannual exchange of colorful insults and dismissals. Well, in between those major money-making opportunities, they've decided to throw some year-old incendiaries into the battle of the sexes.

In short, as of the five years ending last September, the 3% of hedge fund managers without certain equipment have been weighed in the balance against the 97% who do—and the latter have again been found stereotypically wanting. Drown your sorrows in the fit of misogyny that is sure to follow.

Over the five-year period ending in September 2012, an index of 67 women-owned alternative investment funds delivered an compound annual return of 3.6 percent, compared with a 3 percent loss for the all-inclusive HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index over the same period. The results were compiled by New Jersey accounting firm Rothstein Kass & Co., which specializes in advising alternative investment firms. The annual Rothstein Kass Women in Alternative Investments survey, conducted in September and October 2012, aims to help investors understand how and why women manage alternative investments….

The report is a gender analysis of the causes of the 2007-2008 financial meltdown. It reinforces the conclusions of the reports on women in alternative investments: Female fund managers deliver consistent results over the long haul because women have less turnover in their portfolios.

While men make swifter decisions based on projected top and bottom lines, women consider both, taking time to examine nuances that could affect returns. It takes women longer to make decisions but when they do, they stick with them and eventually reap results that are at least as good as those of men and often better.

In Alternative Funds, Female Managers Excel [U.S. News]


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